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In the “tension between packaging machine and packaging material”. The automation of packaging systems, or better the matching of material and machine, is one of the most difficult tasks to optimize the production performance. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, meeting the demands of consumers and doing our utmost to protect our environment - these are the main objectives of our work!

We assist you and consistently improve your packaging process.

Cutting edge material for consumer foil reel boxes (kitchen foils reels)

We develop and deliver specific materials for cutting edges to be attached onto carton boxes. Purposes, for example PVC cutting edge material to cut off kitchen foils and baking paper. These are supplied on reels with 300 metres length. The width varies between 30 cm and 45 cm depending on the width of the carton boxes.

The respective cutting edge application machines are available in different categories. Semi-automatic to apply the cutting edge on flat or pre-folded carton blanks. Fully automatic, including carton box erecting and house hold foil reel loading and carton closing with speeds up to 120 cutting edge applications per minute.

Cutting edge punching and application machines

We are happy to pass on our years of experience for cutting edges for household and kitchen rolls and the respective application machines to producers of foil reels or contract packers.

Machines for up to 120 punching and applications for cutting edges onto carton blanks

New technologies for packaging industry

Forward-looking and environmentally friendly processes

We solve your challenges with the latest technologies

For example - Plasma applications are still breaking new ground in the packaging industry even though there are more than 1000 Plasmatreat systems in use worldwide. Plasmatreat offers key technology for surface activation, ultra-fine cleaning and plasma coating of virtually all materials - from plastics, metals, cardboard, glass, textiles and composites.

Pre-treating high quality surfaces with atmospheric plasma gives excellent results. When printing, bonding non-polar materials such as PP, PE, or when labelling, Plasmatreat's Openair-Plasma® is a key technology in achieving cost-effective and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Thus our customers benefit from our specialist expertise and application knowhow in packaging.

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